Monday, February 29, 2016

International Blue Ribbon Painting Competition background

The International Blue Ribbon Painting Challenge like all good Hobby activity started as a conversation at a bar in which I asked a friend what his favorite model was.
He told me and I was blown away It was a model I didn't have in my collection, hadn't painted and had been over looking since his release about ten years ago.

So I sobered up, selectively remembered parts of the evening and over the next month produced this painted model.

 I went the extra mile because this was my friend's favorite model and I wasn't painting him for a tournament or on a time line but to have fun.

I had such a great time and really loved the experience so I badgered a bunch of friends and got them to bother a bunch of their friends to bring the experience to a wider group.  After a couple weeks everybody got rolling and the next post will have all of the finished models for you to vote on.

Thanks for reading so far.

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