Sunday, August 14, 2016

Khorne the Betrayer 11 months in the making

Followers of the Eight Fold path love Kharne.

Most people however seem to have very mixed reactions to his
depiction by Adrian Smith.
(I stole this version of the picture from a much better blog The Eternal Hunt)

People with fancy pants art degrees say rude things and use fancy words like perspective, anatomy and some other stuff I don't understand.

Most people say "What an awesome picture. That guy is rad and clearly the most badass guy ever,  I need to find out all about him (If that's what you said and you like to read check out Betrayer if you're more of a listener check out Butcher's Nails or Chosen of Khorne).

I love this picture and have tried to replicate it as a conversion no less than three times unsuccessfully. So many little parts of broken dreams in a box of unfinished hopes.

Then something changed! Eleven months ago GW released the Skullgrinder and I thought "Khaaaaarne!" I knew I'd finally be able to create the Kharne of my dreams.
So after eleven months of working on him on again and off again I finished my homage to Jes Goodwin and Adrian Smith, enjoy!

Parts used: skullgrinder legs and right arm.  Kharne head, backpack, left arm, shoulder pad and wwf belt. CSM torso, back and plasma pistol. Skullcrusher chains and skulls. Grey/red stuff is apoxie sculpt from Aves Studio.

The putty work is a bit rough and not as consistent in thickness/width as I'd like but for my first attempt at this type of trim/arrows I m pretty happy. 

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  1. Love your conversion stuff and that you are blogging again. I hope you are enjoying it!